LS command in Linux

Ls Command in Linux In Linux ,ls command is used to list the file and directory’s information. To view all options of ls command $ ls –help Options Description ls -a list all files including hidden file starting with ‘.’ ls –color colored list [=always/never/auto] ls -i list file’s inode index number ls -l list …

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PS Command in Linux

PS command in Linux PS command in Linux In Linux, PS command let you about the active and running process. To Display current running process in terminal $ ps To Display All running processes $ ps -A To Display running processes of specific User $ ps -u <username> To Display running processes in BSD format …

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Linux Basics

Linux Basics Commands “Shortcuts increase your working productivity and save your time”. To Open Terminal, press Ctrl + Alt + T To Close Terminal. press Ctrl + Shift + Q Close Single Terminal Tab, press Ctrl +Shift + W To Move Cursor Open your terminal and type something To move cursor to beginning of the …

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Docker file

Dockerfile Dockerfile is basically a text file. It contains the set of instructions means how’s the container going to build according to user requirements. Dockerfile contains the configuration of container like Image type, Image Name, set of command, Ports and Networks. Docker Components Dockerfile contains docker components which includes Image type, Container name, docker Swarm, …

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Docker Port

Docker Port Docker Port Docker port is used to expose the running service inside the container to out side network.Let’s say you have deployed one Nginex or Apache Server container and inside the container one website is running on port 80. Now, you went to access the web page from out side of the container, …

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