Docker file

Dockerfile Dockerfile is basically a text file. It contains the set of instructions means how’s the container going to build according to user requirements. Dockerfile contains the configuration of container like Image type, Image Name, set of command, Ports and Networks. Docker Components Dockerfile contains docker components which includes Image type, Container name, docker Swarm, …

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Docker Port

Docker Port Docker Port Docker port is used to expose the running service inside the container to out side network.Let’s say you have deployed one Nginex or Apache Server container and inside the container one website is running on port 80. Now, you went to access the web page from out side of the container, …

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Chapter 3: Docker Volume and Docker Network

Docker Volume and Network Docker Volume Docker volume is simply a directory inside container or a persistence storage volume in container. Volume will be create, when you create a container.We can share a volume with other container also.Volume can be mapped/share in two ways Container to Container Host to Container Docker Network Docker Network is …

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