Chapter 3: Docker Volume and Docker Network

Docker Volume and Network

Docker Volume

Docker volume is simply a directory inside container or a persistence storage volume in container.
Volume will be create, when you create a container.
We can share a volume with other container also.
Volume can be mapped/share in two ways

  1. Container to Container
  2. Host to Container

Docker Network

Docker Network is used establish communication between containers and host machine.
Docker network can be created automatically and manually.
Docker contains mainly three types of network.

  1. Bridge – default network
  2. Host – can be created or for standalone container
  3. Null – null or none can be used for not to provide communication to container

Docker Volume Commands

To List a Volumes

$ sudo docker volume ls

To Create a Volume

$ sudo docker volume create <volume-name>

To get Information about Volume

$ sudo docker volume inspect <volume-name>


To Mount Volume to a Container

$ sudo docker run –mount source=[volume_name],destination=[path_in_container] [docker_image_name]

To Run a Container and mount a volume then use this command

$ sudo docker run -it –name=sredient –mount source=<volume-name>,destination=/<volume-name> <image-name>


To Share volume from Host to container

$ sudo docker run -it –name=sredient –mount source=<volume-name or volume-path>,destination=/<volume-name> <image-name>

To Remove Volumes

$ sudo docker rm <volume-name>

To Remove all Unused volumes

$ sudo docker prune

Docker Network Commands

To List a networks

$ sudo docker network ls

To know more opetions

$ sudo docker network –help

To connect a container to a network

$ sudo docker connect <network-id/name> <container-id>

To disconnect from a network

$ sudo docker disconnect <network-id/name> <container-id>

To create a network

$ sudo docker network create -d <network-type> <network name>

To know more about Create Command

$ sudo docker network create –help

To remove Network

$ sudo docker network rm

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